About DTS

About DTS

Politely from the front it means fuck the system. Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social networks out there. But it's silencing people, you can't say this, you can't show that. It's like they want a perfect online community.

Life is not perfect, and for some not happy. I my self have posted as a cry for help, to be penalised by Facebook. I a gay man got a warning for saying the word "Queer" a term taken on to describe a homosexual. Did used to be used as a bad slang word but taken on by the gay community it is just a saying. 

Political Correctness gone mad, lets bring back free speech. There is a way to say how we feel and still be respectful and talk about it instead of silencing. 


The project is what it says on the tin! I want to bring back free speech while keeping to equality and diversity principles. Banning words are not the way, how we use them is what counts!

Facebook & Twitter are the two main social media companies out there, but now a gay man can't even use the word "Queer" with out a warning saying its not Politicly Correct! We want to change this!

Some people with mental health or disabilities struggle to filter their words, Autism, Turrets, ADHD, ADD and people that suffer with pain. Why should these people be penalised and stopped from saying it the only way they know how.

Let's stop this and bring back our freedoms online.

Who's it for?

It is for people who are not easily offended and can respect others point of views even if they do not agree with them. Let's face it, it's how we determine who would make a good friend and who doesn't. 

Minimum age will be dependant on the users geolocation, but 16+ will be the mandatory age limit for using our services.

How will we protect people from crime and abuse?

There will be rules in place to protect people from breaches of anything that breaks the common laws like, No child pornography, no hate crime, no equality and diversity abuse and much more.  We will be adding as we grow.

There will be report systems, users can use this to report content that may breach a law. Baring in mind it depends on where the offending user geolocation is. 

There will also be a council that will make final decisions and hear appeals.

How will it work?

To do this I am starting a website that will be connected to two types of social network platforms. Facebook & Twitter for the lovers of each.  

What happens if it does well? 

If the project does well, we may move this to a form of non-profit organisation or social enterprise. 

The project is run by Bambie Murphy, an individual angry at a sick society and being locked in a system of control.