Protecting Users

How will we protect users?

Blow you will find information on how we protect users on the Faceduck and Twitduck platforms. This is a universal policy across all platforms.

1) Block System

All platforms have a block feature, we encourage users who see content they do not like to block it.

2) Report System

All platforms have a report feature, we encourage users who see content that breaks laws to be reported.

3) Illegal Content, Reporting, Resolutions

What if it is illegal?

Legality is a complex system, our server is hosted in Frankfurt where Laws on what is hosted is different then most places in the world. But we do respect the fact each country has there own laws. 

If you see something and knows it brakes a law either in the reporters country or the country of the user submitting the content, please use the report feature.

What happens when a report is made?

So we take in to account the following. 

What if reporting & submitting user are from different places in the world?

If this is the case we will try to 

What happens if the safeguarding council decides?

The council can decide to;

Examples of conflicting laws.

In the UK laws of age of consent is 16, in some places in US is 17-18. If some one aged 16-99 in the UK talks about consent with some in the US is 16 and someone reports the person from the UK the reported person has effectively not broken any laws in their own country and consequently can not be prosecuted by US Law.

So to sum it up, if the user reported is also in the US and one is 18 and one is 16, the 18 year old in the US has broken a law and we will act on this. (Both states have to have same laws.)

4) Child Protection and Online Exploitation

Children should always be protected, we do not allow anyone under the age of 16+ on our platforms. If you suspect an underage user please report them. 

As a 16-18 year old is classified a teenager/adolescent they are still protected from harm and exploitation. As a young person inexperienced at life, they still need protection.

For the younger members of the platforms, we will have a safeguarding team that will deal with cases of harm, neglect, abuse, and any other type of harm to a child.

For more information Click CEOP Internet Safety.

Also if you want more information on child law please visit NSPCC Learning - Cildrens Law

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